Cathy Dreyer

From the Ancient East there appeared through the mists a figure of mystery and legend. A spirit of heart, a heart with hands. Having traveled many miles and finished all the victuals that she bore on her back, she lost her way in the sands of West Michigan. It was in a town called Holland, that she put down a wee root that grew and nourished Pillar Church and 3sixty. To this day, when there is needed a word of wisdom or encouragement, she will lend her ear – specifically her left ear as shown in the picture. Not that her right ear doesn’t work. It does. It works just as good or maybe even better. It’s just that she likes lending her left ear because of the alteration with “lend” and “left.” And it’s not like she’s literally going to lend you her ear – they’re not detachable. It’s just a figure of speech, like the speech by Mark Anthony in act iii, scene ii of the play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare where he begins with words, “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears.” Though, don’t get the idea that he was maliciously excluding countrywomen. It was a much different time period when women didn’t have the same rights that we have today. All that to say, that you should meet Cathy. She’s nice and she’s helpful. cathydreyer

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