Hello again! Thanks to significant volunteer help, we are making a lot of progress on the second intern house! Painting, trim, countertops, and installation of cabinets, stairs, and doors have been our latest projects. We are just about ready to start on the siding, so you may not recognize it if you close your eyes for too long!

upstairs trim     

In addition to working on the second intern house, we have begun exterior renovations of the Petrino’s building (16th & River). So far we have been able to replace the front windows and begin work on siding, and we are really pleased with the progress! Stop by for a slice of pizza (or a whole pie for the family) at Petrino’s and take a look at what we’ve done so far. Much more to come on this project—we’ve applied for a substantial grant from the CFHZ, so we are hoping that this additional funding will enable us to make more construction dreams come true!

Since our last update we have demolished the old garage and set the block for the new garage behind the second intern house. This second shed will house the tool library, projected to launch this summer. First Reformed Church will be “Keeping it Local” this summer with an intergenerational mission trip in mid-June with us! We are looking forward to working with this great group of people and making some exciting progress on College Ave. If you haven’t filled out the survey about the library yet, please take two minutes here: SURVEY

Four of the Eighth Day Farm interns, plus Isabel, our summer intern, have moved into the first intern house and are loving the neighborhood! In the coming weeks, there will be a deck on the back porch-we’d love to have you join us!

Hello Friends!  Since completing the first intern house, work has begun on a second – its direct neighbor to the north!  These two homes share a driveway which leads to the Tool Lending Garage.  Want to see the transformation on this second house? Take a look at our photo gallery and check out the progress, we have just a few finishing touches left!  We are thrilled to have welcomed new friends into the houses who love the neighborhood almost as much as we do!

Photo Aug 14, 6 00 05 PMHello Friends! A couple of weeks ago, we were glad to gather together the 3sixty community for a BBQ potluck. Over fifty of us came together to talk about the neighborhood, the work on the property, and to eat delicious food. Brian even made a heartfelt speech thanking the summer’s volunteers, and the interns were fittingly gifted with a great set of tools.

Specifically, we got to show off the new siding on the formerly blue intern house and the construction of the garage for the 3sixty Tool Library. The siding on the intern house is totally complete, which is very exciting for Jon’s Friday Crew. Also, the garage which will be the Tool Library has been framed, roofed, and is in the process of being sided. The next step is to fill it with tools, take inventory, and welcome eager neighbors!

We at 3sixty were so blessed to see in person the faces of so many supporters and volunteers in one place. Thank you so much for those of you who came out to the celebration BBQ, and we hope to see those of you who couldn’t make it next time.

This project has been made possible by local friends and supporters, and a grant from The Community Foundation of the Holland/Zeeland Area.

We are nearly done withe the siding on the intern housing…not a lick of blue left!

The completion of this project leads us into the beginning phases of building the garage!  All our permits are in!  Simultaneously, we have been developing our lending programming, so that we can hit the ground running when the house for all our tools is standing.

So much excitement!  Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers, to Jon Myers for being a terrific co-ordinator, our interns Cameron, David and Justin for being devoted to this project.  We really owe you a great deal.













This project was made possible through funding from the William and Anna Van Den Bosch Gospel Foundation!

We’ve been hard at work on our intern house the last couple of weeks. All that’s left now is siding and we start that tomorrow! We’re eager to finish this project so we can get started on the tool library. We interns are currently working Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Come swing by College & 19th to take a peek at our progress, and stay tuned to the site for forthcoming pictures. We also have a Twitter and Instagram that you can keep up with.



The completion of the intern house was made possible by funding from the William and Anna Van Den Bosch Gospel Foundation!

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