2014 End of Year Report

 “Deep in us we know that the transformation of a city is dependent on transformed people and that finally a commitment to the building of the city has to involve a commitment to change in us…” Elizabeth O’Connor


2014 was (once again) a year of great growth! 3sixty grew in partnerships and impact through a myriad of small & hidden works, while deepening relationships and accomplishing our larger projects.   We saw many great & timely provisions through faithful volunteerism and donations. Please see below for a detailed overview of our 2014 work and projects.


Bosman House Renovation

3sixty completed a siding and painting renovation of the home owned by John and Libby Bosman, on 15th st.   This multi-year project (begun through a City of Holland Referral) was completed with assistance from volunteers from the neighborhood, Hope College fraternities, 3sixty’s Friday Crew, and a number of 3sixty interns. 3sixty also partnered with the City of Holland, RepcoLite, Innotec, Hope College, and Homecor during this project. Over 100 volunteers completed more than 1000 hours of work and we celebrate the relationships begun and deepened during our time working together. We also substantially improved the curb-appeal of this historic home.


Intern House #1

This summer 3sixty completed rehabilitation of its first intern home. These final projects (of an entire rehab) included installation of new siding, soffit & fascia, and insulation. This project was completed with assistance from volunteers including 3sixty summer interns, neighbors, the 3sixty Friday Crew, and various church and neighborhood volunteers. Additional partners for this project included CFHZ, Zeeland Lumber, the VDB Foundation, Nordeloos Church, Homecor, and Repcolite. More than 20 volunteers contributed over 500 volunteer hours to complete this phase of the project.


Intern House #2

3sixty was able to purchase a second intern house located immediately to the north of the first intern house. Renovation of this house is underway and expected to be complete by the summer of 2015.


Tool Lending Garage

3sixty constructed an entirely new two-stall garage for this project. The tool lending program is expected to be launched during the summer of 2015. This project was completed with the help of volunteers including 3sixty interns, 3sixty’s Friday Crew, 3sixty board members, and various neighbors. Other partners in this project included the City of Holland, CHFZ, Chemical Bank, and Watkin Tree Pro. More than 10 volunteers contributed over 300 hours for this project.


Requests from City Inspectors

Throughout the year 3sixty stays connected to its neighbors and the city of Holland by responding to various opportunities and challenges. These include the following:

  • Lawnmower loaned out to residents to avoid fines
  • Trailer used to haul junk away with help from residents
  • Picked up items to be donated to thrift stores (resident was unable to drive)
  • Cleaned out a basement for a resident (filled a 30 yard dumpster)
  • Eliminated tree waste for a neighbor
  • Helped neighbor meet City inspections

3sixty interns volunteered over 84 work hours in order to respond to these requests.


Hope College Emmaus Projects

Through a partnership with Hope College’s Emmaus Scholars group, this organization was able to assist in leading and planning various community projects, gatherings, and engage in research. These projects included a 15th St. cleanup and cookout after May-Day, community/Hope College neighborhood relations interviews on 15th St., and a community game and pizza night at the Community Kitchen.



In addition to providing practical services to the neighborhood, 3sixty engages with the community through other events and activities. In the past year these activities included but are not limited to the following:

  • Organized a large cookout with residents around Rosa Parks Green
  • Connected local workers to landlords, neighbors, and tradesmen needing day labor
  • Marched in Tulip time parade
  • Hosted a booth at the Hope college volunteer fair
  • Hosted a booth at National Night Out
  • Supported a neighborhood block party with food and ice-cream
  • Helped a neighbor get rid of piano and trash before moving
  • Helped many neighbors with access to our laundry facilities
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